Sunday, December 05, 2010

this is what i called FINISH THE SENTENCES

nothing to update about my self today , tak ada perkembangan . so read this  survey , survey ini panjang . so kalau tak suka jangan baca :)

  1. i love ......... you , you love me .  we are happy family
  2. right now i want ....... to eat 
  3. i feel like ......nak terberak -,-
  4. i fear ..... of a ghost with no leg .
  5. i hate it when ...... my friend be like kawan makan kawan
  6. i lonely without , laptop , friends and family 
  7. i need .... my dekna now because i miss she too many much
  8. today i .....spent my time with my good listener like yesterday tapi harini lain sikit , sebab takde motor
  9. tomorrow i'm ......need to wake up early , because nik ajak joging ,
  10. i just ...... want a new high heels
  11. i want .... to meet my boo
  12. i'm hungry for .... love
  13. i'm listening to.....the sound of the aircond
  14. i'm wearing ..... t and tracksuit
  15. i'm craving ...for a beautiful life with my hubby
  16. i want to get ..... 8 A's in my PMR 
  17. i can cry ..... if my heart is broken 
  18. i can't ..... fly and berjalan mengunakan tangan 
  19. i have .... a boyfriend
  20. my mom thinks that .... i am a cute girl
  21. my dad thinks that ..... i am a cute girl 
  22. and i think ...... they are right , haha
  23. i happy when .... i have a lot of money , so i can buy what i want
  24. i sad when ....i don't have a money . so i can't buy what i want
  25. i like eating ....bakso and sambal udang petai
  26. i love watching .....britain's and american's next top model
  27. i love listening to fav song
  28. i like playing a girl on facebook
  29. i hate waking up to mak berceloteh and membebel
  30. i can see .... i almost finish answering this
  31. i'm glad that .... i almost finish answering this
  32. i'm disappointed that ..... i didn't do well in my last exam and see i get number 16 in my class
  33. i look like ....lisa snowdon hihi
  34. i wish i looked like .... megan fox
told yaa this survey is bored and panjang menjela ., jangan kata i ta warn you !